Grit City Solidarity is a Tacoma based group that aims to connect people to defend themselves against landlords and bosses while building mutual support. We are at our beginning stages.

This site exists to act as a contact point for anyone that is interested in organizing against their own exploitation or helping others out. We want to express solidarity to self-organized fights, meaning that we will support you but you have to take the lead. We’d like to see people win their fights against bosses & landlords and then stick around and help others win theirs. We’ve taken our inspiration from a group in Seattle called the Seattle Solidarity Network (www.seattlesolidarity.net). Check out their website for an example of how a solidarity network can function.  Otherwise if you live in the Tacoma area and have a problem* with your boss or landlord then drop us a line at 253-237-CITY or email gritcitysolidarity[at]riseup[dot]net.

*If you don’t have a problem right now but you want to support other people, then email us with a reliable form of contact and we will add you to our list of contacts for actions.


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