Recent victory by our friends at Seattle Solidarity Network

The Seattle Solidarity Network has been active in Seattle for the past couple years. Below we’ve posted an article from a recent successful victory of theirs. Grit City Solidarity aims to do actions like this one below. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in helping people win their fights against bosses and landlords or if you need help in winning your own fight.

From Seattle Solidarity:

Victory in Nelson fight – time to celebrate!

This fight against Nelson Properties is now over! For the past five weeks we have postered every week around Nelson’s properties warning potential renters about the company. We also began a tenants’ rights investigation at their buildings, delivered letters to the owner’s neighbors informing them that there was a slumlord in their midst, and held two small pickets in front of Nelson’s offices to warn potential tenants not to do business with them.

Last Thursday we found out that property management boss Lisza Darling’s reign of terror is over — she is no longer an employee of Nelson Properties. Then this Monday, June 21, Maria received her $500 deposit plus a letter agreeing that all issues from her tenancy (i.e. bogus bills) are now settled!

Action behind success: Demand Delivery

Watch as people cram into Maria’s landlord’s office as Maria delivers her letter of demands.

From SealSol: “We are supporting Maria as she tells her ex-landlord to give her back her stolen deposit and to stop harassing her with bogus bills.”

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